2015 Strategic Resources and Planning

2015 Strategic Resources and Planning

Las Vegas San Miguel Economic Development Corporation
2015 Strategic Resources and Planning

Mission Statement
“To grow, expand, and retain jobs in the City of Las Vegas and San Miguel County.”

Our Vision

  • To create a better quality of life for our citizens
  • To provide better jobs to retain our children and to “reverse migrate” former residents to again seek jobs in our area.
  • Planned, focused “smart” growth for our area
  • Include the stakeholders in the decision making process
  • Create an integrated plan for our future
  • Preserve, expand and build upon on our cultural heritage resources
  • Position Las Vegas and San Miguel County as the premier regional location for business investment


  • Two Business Parks available for expansion
  • Strong Public-Private partnership
  • Excellent Board membership and participation
  • Positive response from the business community
  • Cooperation with other community organizations
  • State EDD, City of Las Vegas and County of San Miguel backing
  • Local active and successful manufacturing company
  • Cooperation from our higher educational institutions-NMHU, LCC and UWC
  • Continuing support from Workforce Development


  • Community anxious for growth from the private sector
  • Momentum has been generated from the purchase and renovation of our historic properties
  • Development of cultural and historic tourism
  • Development of the Las Vegas airport
  • Recreational and eco tourism
  • Develop opportunities for workers that now commute outside our area


  • Financial backing for EDC from the City, County and the State
  • Long term incentive fund to help attract new businesses
  • Secure sustainable funding for our activities
  • Create private sector financing for businesses
  • Create an abundance of new jobs
  • Stop the migration of qualified workers
  • Attract healthcare professionals to the area

Developing Opportunities with Public Partners

  • Business Hub-NMHU, City of Las Vegas, San Miguel County
  • Commercial Kitchen- NMHU, City of Las Vegas, San Miguel County
  • Regional collaborative – San Miguel County, City of Las Vegas, NEEDO and NCNMEDD
  • Old Wood Expansion– City of Las Vegas & San Miguel County
  • Wood Business Park Tenant Recruitment – San Miguel County

Other Developing Opportunities

  • Active elder housing project

 Development of Public Resources

  • EDC Website
  • Job listings

Short Term Objectives

  • Facilitation and implementation of City of Las Vegas and San Miguel County contracts with deliverables and timelines
  • Attract Business Hub tenants for job creation, workforce development, entrepreneurs and start ups
  • Establishment of the Community Commercial Kitchen for job creation, workforce development, and entrepreneur support
  • Continue to identify and stop leakage of jobs and businesses

a) survey businesses to determine business needs and their perceptions of the business climate
b) use available resources to aide small businesses as needed (Red Team)
c) identify and recommend opportunities to fill gaps in services or commodities

  • Implement the Las Vegas/San Miguel Collaborative Initiative
  • Targeted recruitment areas
    a)  Value added agriculture
    b) Forest and wood products
    c) Aeronautical- logistics, training and maintenance
    d) Call centers
    e) Business support service-accounting, printing, graphic design, marketing
    f) natural and renewable energy businesses

Strengthen Organizational Effectiveness

  • Board training
  • Executive Director training and continuing education
  • Addition of support staff and interns
  • Succession planning for retiring board members

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