In February 2000 the Las Vegas San Miguel County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) was founded to stabilize and improve job opportunities in the city and county. Membership is made up of business owners, community leaders, government, non-profit development organizations and other stakeholders. EDC is identified as the official economic development engine for the City of Las Vegas and San Miguel County.



Create a better quality of life by:
●  Recruiting companies and individuals for job growth
● Assisting existing companies to develop new products and expand their business
●  Include stakeholders in the decision making process


The Approach

  • Nurture, retain, and expand existing businesses
    ● Encourage local entrepreneurs to establish new businesses
    ● Recruit new businesses



Stabilize and Improve Existing Businesses

  • “Red Team” Support System (Professional Consulting Service in collaboration with Entrepreneur Network)
  • Business Advisory Team (formed specifically for each requesting business)

Workforce for Community Improvement

  • Education coordinated with our educational institutions, business, and government
  • Training- Customer Service and Technical
  • Digital Literacy

Establish a “Community Hub” for Economic Development, including the following partnerships:

  • MainStreet de Las Vegas, Las Vegas Independent Business Alliance, Chamber of Commerce, Citizens’ Committee for Historic Preservation, and other non-profit groups dedicated to community improvement through job creation and economic initiative.
  •  New Mexico Highlands University and Luna Community College
  • City of Las Vegas
  • San Miguel County
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • CCI (Certified Community Initiative)

Housing Resources for Newcomers

  • Research and grant applications
  • In partnership with City and County, recruit housing developers

Redevelopment and Industrial Park Projects

  • Downtown Redevelopment Plan
  • Northern New Mexico Wood Business and Industrial Park
  • D. Bibb Industrial Park

Develop Entrepreneur Network

  • Establish Entrepreneur Institute

Target New Business

  • Research community-appropriate businesses
  • Form partnerships to develop new business/industrial clusters, including inter-model transportation hub, small timber industry, medical and manufacturing clusters


  • Collaborative research with New Mexico Highlands University
  • Include the national laboratories (Los Alamos and Sandia Labs) expertise when required