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Start a New Business

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How to start your electrical service with PNM

Step #1—Go to the link below and read up the process, or click on Submit Your Electric Service Request Online on that webpage and follow the complete instructions: . If you have any questions, contact Tom Dominguez, in Santa Fe, at 505-473-3209.

Step #2—Notify your electrical contractor to contact the State Licensing Department (usually Pat Galligan for the Las Vegas area) so that the State CID Electrical Permit can be secured for permitting the location. This is necessary before PNM can hook up your service.
Step #3—Once the permit process is completed, PNM will be notified to proceed by the State Licensing Department.

Please keep the following in mind
If this is an existing building that has existing electric infrastructure (determined by the PNM engineer assigned to the project), then the re-connect should be accomplished within 2 days.If this is a new building, then PNM has 30 days to create and submit an estimate for the work needed.

Once the estimate for needed work is accepted and paid for, PNM has up to 60 days to schedule and complete construction of the request, but it will be completed as soon as possible.  So please start the PNM request process early.  Note:  Las Vegas is a payment center only and cannot be used to initiate service.