Wood Business Park

Wood Business Park

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Overview of Wood Business Park

  • 143 acre park (Phase 1, 78 acres)
  • Off I-25 on Airport Road
  • 2 Rail Spurs
  • Includes basic infrastructure
  • Security lighting and fencing
  • A Green Development
  • Incentives for for job creation
  • Maintenance of common areas and public access streets

Harvesting wood and other natural resource products has been a part of the rural economy for Centuries. The Northern New Mexico Wood Business Park presents a unique opportunity for foresters and others to have access to a market that ensures they will survive and thrive.

The anchor wood products tenant is Old Wood LLC.

This wood flooring company manufactures

beautiful wood floors primarily from Douglas Fir.                                                                                   20151217_121238 (2)

 Other products include end block flooring and architectural wood designs.

In addition, Old Wood has a firewood processing and supply business to clients all over the US.  20151217_125559-1024x576

Its supply of wood comes from local harvesters and sources across the country. Expansion to the Wood Business Park will allow Old Wood management to implement new strategies for using small diameter wood.  Old Wood is an international business.

The Wood Business Park developed from a wood cluster concept that can bring together diverse individuals who have been in business for decades in one location. This collaboration identified a collective need for land, marketing strategies, and access to equipment.

Additionally forestry entrepreneurs and their wood harvesting contributes to healthy forests. Fires that burn out of control are often found to be the result of drought combined with tree density and decades of fire suppression. Stewardship of the forests is a core value among wood cluster members and Wood Business Park tenants.

A proposed Harvest Market will provide a place for vendors to sell goods and have’ contact with potential customers. For more information contact:

Management by:

Las Vegas/San Miguel County Economic Development Corp

PO Box 526 Las Vegas, NM 87701, 1650 7th St.



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